I have traded firearms and purchased firearms, a bow, and arrows etc. from this location and always had a great experience with the staff and the products were always as described. One time I took back a release they sold me for $20. When I complained that it was too small for my hand, the guy just reached down in the cabinet and handed me his own $80 release in exchange knowing I was headed to the woods early next morning. I always support local business and they are well worth a visit.
— Tom Peli
Helpful, kind able to advise me on reloading info good folks who support a multitude of sporting activities. I have not had gunsmithing done but they helped me
— Kraig H.
I purchase most all of my firearms and ammunition as well as reloading and archery supplies from them. Brian is extremely knowledgeable with handguns and archery products. Tom and Dave extremely knowledgeable in everything else. I've had numerous firearms repaired there and work done and it has always been top notch! They've always been respectful and courteous in all dealings and extremely friendly too! Even now during the craze they are not gouging on ammo nor firearms purchases like most other local and even online shops are! AR15 is still around same cost it was before this mess! Kudos!
— James Swisher